Celebrating more than 100 years of continuous development

Becker History The Becker History, family heritage extends back to 1903 when Ernest A. Becker I launched the family enterprise as a successful land speculator in Southern California. His son, Ernest A. Becker II, shifted the focus of the company by constructing homes and commercial centers. In 1949, upon hearing that Howard Hughes intended to transplant his Hughes Aircraft Company from California to Las Vegas, Ernest A. Becker III purchased 360 acres in what was then a fledgling city. From the 1950s to the 1980s, the Becker family developed this land into 63 subdivisions. According to industry estimates, the Becker family and its partnerships developed more than 75,000 homes during this period.

During the 1980s, Ernest III and sons Ernest IV, Barry and Bruce developed multiple commercial properties, including Arizona Charlie’s casino and the “Charlie’s” chain of taverns throughout Las Vegas. The family has continued its development of commercial and multi-family residential properties, while diversifying into real estate, gaming and hospitality. In the last quarter century alone, the Becker family enterprise has developed more than 3,000 acres of land, and built more than 1,000 living spaces, and erected innumerable shopping centers and professional office buildings.

About Ernest A. Becker